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EXIT 228

This CD has 78 minutes of outstanding Jazz. With four original tunes and six other Jazz tunes, there is plenty of good listening.

$15.00 + $2.50 SH


Kevin Matthews - Drums

Possible Harmonies Album





Possible Harmonies

This CD has 75 minutes of modern Jazz edged enjoyment. The length of the CD gives the listener plenty of time to become an intimate part of the music and the band.

$15.00 + $2.50 SH


Chris Higginbottom - Drums

The Angle Of Incidence Album

The Angle Of Incidence

This CD has a more modern Jazz edge with a quintet of guitar, tenor sax, pedal steel, acoustic bass, and drums.

$15.00 + $2.50 SH


Reggie Quinerly - Drums

ArtistShare Digicards are now available which allow you to download all the tunes from the CD, a live recording of the title cut, and twenty-five photos from the studio in NYC.


Out Of Nowhere Album

Out of Nowhere

This CD is straight ahead Jazz with a quartet of guitar, pedal steel, acoustic bass, and drums.

$15.00 + $2.50 SH

Reggie Quinerly - Drums


Duets Album


Jim Stahlhut on guitar and Chuck Lettes on pedal steel pair up to play various duets.

$12.00 + $2.50 SH

Tribal Tradition Album

Tribal Tradition

A straight ahead Jazz CD with Matthew Stahlhut, age 15 years old, on saxophone.

$15.00 + $2.50 SH

Nat Yarbrough - Drums



Jim Stahlhut’s SGI Articles: The Complete Book

Book and rhythm track CD of thirteen years of articles written in Scotty’s SGI Newsletter. Songs, theory, and licks. This book is for the standard C6 pedal steel guitar

$15.00 + $5.00 SH